Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Story of Two Friends: EDM’s Next Dynamic Duo

“We don’t force anything. We’ve known each other since we were twelve years old, and we’ve been best friends since,” says Eli Sones, half of the up-and-coming EDM duo, Two Friends. Originally from Los Angeles, both Matt Halper and Eli Sones have come a long way as friends, individual artists, and production partners. They credit their long relationship as friends as one of the main reasons why Two Friends has been so successful.
“We have a very specific vibe that stems from our personalities,” says Matt. Both guys were fairly experimental with music in high school. They tried various instruments, and Eli eventually became interested in mash-ups of songs. This prompted the guys to become interested in producing toward the end of high school and start Two Friends.
Soon after Two Friends was formed, the guys both went off to college; Matt going to Stanford, and Eli at Vanderbilt. For the first four years, much of the content that Two Friends put out was done remotely, with Matt and Eli sending content back and forth to one another.
During their junior year of college, after working diligently to put out remixes and build up a following online, one of Two Friends’ remixes was featured on Satellite radio. Soon after that, everything changed. Opportunities to play at larger venues and events started materializing, and Matt and Eli realized that this was something they could do for a living after school.
For the rest of college, Matt and Eli would play shows on weekends, meeting up in different spots around the country. Their shows ranged from larger venues, colleges, and premiere nightclubs in major cities.
As of late, Two Friends have been keeping up with a busy tour schedule. They are playing at larger venues and even some festivals along the way such as Adventure in the Park in New Jersey coming up in a couple weeks.
Two Friends have released several viral remixes such as blink-182’s I Miss You on their Soundcloud that have also boosted their popularity among EDM fans. The blink-182 remix was released ten months ago and has amassed over 2.3 million plays.
About a month ago, however, Two Friends released an original single called ‘Overdose.’ It’s an emotional, upbeat track that sounds like nothing short of an EDM hit. Matt and Eli tell me that they draw inspiration from a myriad of artists depending on the sound they are trying to go for, and that’s evident in ‘Overdose.’ The combination of vocals and different musical elements on this track has set an exciting precedent for the possible EP that Two Friends will release in the coming months. Check out ‘Overdose’ below.
Matt says that Two Friends are not exclusively signed to a label as of right now, which gives them leeway in terms of production and when they release content. Right now, the guys are focused on the major live dates they have coming up, incorporating unique elements into their sets such as singers and other musicians.
At the end of the day, no matter if it’s touring or producing, Matt and Eli are just two friends having fun. They have come into their own as artists in recent years, and are poised to keep moving up the charts in the EDM world and take Two Friends to the top.

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